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Additional Faculty Development Resources

Here are some additional resources that faculty may find helpful (not an exhaustive list; placed in alphabetical order).  Note that some links are to LinkedIn Learning; access to this is provided by Information Services: 

Creating Effective Learning Assessments

LinkedIn Learning | Teaching Techniques - Creating Effective Learning Assessments:

Disability Accommodations and Effective Teaching

General Information about Disability Accommodations and Inclusive Teaching Practices

American Psychological Association | Reasonable Accommodations Explained:

University of Washington | Guide for Teaching Students with Disabilities:

Educause | ADA compliance for online course design:

University of Richmond | Guide to working with students with disabilities (note the sample statement for syllabi):


Specific Disability Accommodations

Hearing Accommodations | DeafTEC | Best Practices for Teaching Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students:

Mobility Accommodations | University of Illinois | Physical and Mobility Disability: Common Assistive Technology:

Visual Accommodations | Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired | Overview of Technology for Visually Impaired and Blind Students:

Engaging Students in Learning

Chronicle of Higher Education | How to Hold a Better Class Discussion:

LinkedIn Learning | Learning How to Increase Learner Engagement:

Faculty Handbook, University of Richmond

University of Richmond | Duties and Responsibilities of the Faculty Members (pg. 7):

First Day of Class

Carnegie Mellon University | Make the Most of the First Day of Class:

Chronicle of Higher Education | How to Teach a Good First Day of Class:

Honor Code, University of Richmond
Inclusive Teaching

University of Washington| Inclusive Teaching Guide:

University of Michigan| Inclusive Teaching Resources and Strategies:

Columbia University| Guide for Inclusive Teaching at Columbia:

Chronicle of Higher Ed | How to Make Your Teaching More Inclusive:


Making Time for Faculty Scholarship
On-line Teaching

LinkedIn Learning| Foundations of Online Instruction:

Pedagogies and Strategies

Vanderbilt University| Guide to Pedagogies and Strategies:

UC Berkeley | Active Learning Strategies:


Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Vanderbilt University | Guide to SoTL:

University of Central Florida | SoTL and DBER:

Syllabus Creation

Chronicle of Higher Education | How to Create a Syllabus:

Chronicle of Higher Education | The 3 Essential Functions of Your Syllabus, Part 1:

Chronicle of Higher Education | The 3 Essential Functions of Your Syllabus, Part 2:

University of Michigan | Creating Your Syllabus:

Accessible Syllabus | Resources to Promote Student Engagement and Agency:

University of Richmond, Academic Skills | Describes academic and personal support services for students at UR:

University of Richmond, Center for Awareness, Response, and Education | Resources for the prevention, support, and reporting of sexual misconduct on campus:

University of Richmond, Religious Observances Calendar | Lists significant holidays from the five largest global faith traditions: 

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Colorado State University| Universal Design for Learning Guide:

Georgetown University| Universal Design for Learning Guide:

Writing Effective Learning Objectives

LinkedIn Learning| Teaching Techniques – Writing Effective Learning Objectives:

Johns Hopkins University| Writing Effective Learning Objectives: