One-on-One Consultations

The Hub provides University of Richmond faculty with personalized support for teaching and scholarship through confidential, individual or small group consultations.

In these individualized consultations, we can help you: reflect on your pedagogical practices; match your goals for teaching and scholarship with appropriate methods, tools, and technologies; experiment with new ways to make your teaching more effective for all learners; and provide expert guidance and support for you as you incorporate new digital technologies into your pedagogy and scholarship.

We will work with you to practice new ideas, address challenges, create projects, and design learning experiences that can improve your efficiency and effectiveness as an instructor and scholar. 

While we are open to discussing any topic related to teaching or scholarship, here is a list of some of the most common topics addressed within faculty consultations:

  • Course design/redesign: We will work with you at any stage of the course design (or redesign process) to help you think deeply about the alignment between your learning objectives, assignments, course content, and learning activities.
  • Course accessibility: We will help you develop course activities and learning materials that are accessible and responsive to individual student needs. We will also offer support and guidance to faculty as they modifying any course components or practices in response to accessibility requests.
  • Technology: Based on your course objectives and teaching style, we will provide advice on implementing technologies that enable your students to achieve their learning goals. We can also provide guidance on the use of technology for research and scholarship purposes.
  • Facilitating discussion and developing learning activities: We will work with you to develop strategies for structuring class discussions – whether in-person, asynchronously online, or in blended contexts – and using tools and technologies to design active and collaborative learning activities for your students.
  • Digital media project design: We will work with your existing course objective to identify the best strategies and tools for incorporating digital media projects into your teaching whether your students are learning in-person, remotely, or in a blended context. We can also consult about digital media projects for research and scholarship, including creating videos to accompany grant applications or funder reports.
  • Gathering and analyzing student feedback: We will help you think through ways you might gather feedback from students about your teaching or about their learning. We are also available to help you analyze and respond to informal student feedback throughout the course and/or feedback generated by end-of-semester course evaluations.
  • Assessment: We will offer guidance and support as you design new assignments, consider alternative assessment options, create more transparent assignment descriptions and grading criteria, or brainstorm assessment strategies for new or modified learning contexts.
  • Remote and blended teaching: We are here to help you adapt your teaching practices to new or modified learning environments. We will discuss strategies for creating, curating, and organizing course content and provide support and guidance as you troubleshoot any challenges that arise from shifting your course from a face-to-face to remote or blended learning context.