Tower Room


  • Located in the iconic Boatwright Library tower, this room is designed to be used as either a meeting space or an experimental classroom. Faculty, instructional staff, or staff who support faculty in their teaching and scholarship can reserve the room in EMS. Learn more about how to reserve a Faculty Hub space with EMS here.

Room Configurations

  • Meeting (default): Meeting is the default configuration for the Tower Room. Due to the movable chairs and tables, there are many options for your meetings (U shape, rectangles, squares, etcetera). Max capacity is 20.

 tower room

  • Classroom: The movable chairs and tables can also be configured into a classic classroom configuration. With the addition of three whiteboards and the projector, the Tower Room can easily be used to experiment in a classroom-like environment. Max capacity is 20.

tower room classroom config

Technology Details

  • Large projector screen
  • Solstice input for wireless projection
  • Wired laptop input (HDMI)
  • Room computer enables Zoom functionality (built-in camera, microphones, and speakers)