Custom Workshops

The Faculty Hub will provide custom workshops to groups of faculty/staff upon request. We will work with group leaders to design a workshop that meets your needs and facilitate it at a time and place that is convenient for your group.

While we are open to discussing any topic related to teaching or scholarship, here are a few examples of custom workshops that the Faculty Hub could offer to your group:

  • Technology Workshops: Does your group want to learn how to effective use technology to enhance your teaching or scholarship? We will provide custom workshops focused on pedagogical or scholarly applications of specific tools and technologies. Some examples might include:
  • Learning to use video and screen capturing technologies to create asynchronous content for your courses
  • Learning to use UR Blogs or Bb discussion boards to improve student engagement
  • Learning to use social annotation tools to engage students with primary and secondary texts within and outside of class
  • Learning to integrate new generative AI tools into your teaching and scholarship workflows 

  • Pedagogy Workshops: Does you group have a shared interest in learning more about a topic related to teaching? We will provide custom workshops focused on the specific teaching approaches or pedagogical interests of your group. Some examples might include:
    • Learn how to build more transparency into your syllabi, course assignments, and assessment processes
    • Explore strategies for creating more engaging and participatory synchronous discussions
    • Explore tools and strategies for designing and delivering interactive lectures
  • Discipline-Specific Workshops: Want to attend a workshop tailored to your specific disciplinary context? We can work with you to create a custom workshop that considers a topic through the lens of the signature pedagogies, research processes, and fields of study within your discipline. 
  • Design Your Own: Have an idea that does not neatly fit into any of the above categories? We are eager to work with you to develop a workshop to meet the specific needs of your group. Reach out to us to begin the design process.

Department Chairs or leaders of Faculty Learning Communities or collaborative groups are asked to email or fill out this form with your ideas for a custom workshop.