Writing Support

The Faculty Hub supports faculty in their work as writers as they prepare presentations, publications, and grant applications. See below for a few examples. 
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  • Academic Writing Coaches

    In Fall term 2022, the Faculty Hub is piloting a new professional development service that provides faculty the opportunity to work with a writing coach on projects such as major articles, book proposals, book chapters, major external grants, and major external fellowships.  

    Feedback and guidance from writing coaches could be useful at early stages of a project, at key moments in the writing process, and before completed drafts or works are to be submitted for external peer review. Our writing coaches are successful members of the academic community who remain active in professional disciplines. Their expertise spans a range of disciplines; while not every discipline is represented, our coaches have experiences that can apply to a wide range of faculty interests.  

    If you would like to use this service, please complete this brief form. Once you’ve completed the form, you will be paired with a coach to arrange for in-person or Zoom meetings, as mutually preferred. In-person meetings will be held in a quiet room in the Teaching and Scholarship Hub (Faculty Hub) on the third floor of Boatwright Library. 

    One-on-one or small group coaching are both possible. For example, instead of one-on-one coaching, two faculty initiating independent book proposals, two or three faculty working on different grant proposals, or two or more faculty working collaboratively on a grant proposal might wish to meet with a coach together in a small group. If you wish to meet in a group, please have only one member of the group complete the form. The form will provide you a place to list additional members.  

    For more information on this service, an introduction to our coaches, and how to request support, please review this document 

  • Writing Retreats

    The Faculty Hub is pleased to host writing retreats – in our space or virtually – throughout the academic year. Open to both tenure and non-tenure-track faculty from all five schools, writing retreats are designed to offer faculty extended, dedicated time to work on their scholarship within a loosely structured and supportive writing environment.  See below for information about upcoming retreats. We are also happy to organize a retreat for your writing group or department upon request. Please reach out to Kylie Korsnack with questions or to request a writing retreat for your group! 

    Please see our events page for information on any upcoming writing retreats.

  • Writing Groups
    This summer, the Faculty Hub will be organizing two types of writing groups.
    Writing in Community
    • These groups meet regularly to write together and help hold each other accountable for writing time. The members do not necessarily have a disciplinary connection or an interest to share each other’s work.
    Writing in Conversation
    • While these groups might choose to write together and help each other stay on task, their main focus is to come together to share and discuss each other’s writing. They will be organized based on interest areas: book proposal writing, STEM writing, Humanities writing, Social Sciences writing, and interdisciplinary exploration.
    Each writing group will receive a budget of up to $150 per group member for supplies, refreshments, etc. to support their writing.To learn more, read the full description. Questions? Contact Kitty Maynard.