Inclusive Pedagogy

Inclusive Pedagogy at UR 

The Faculty Hub offers a variety of opportunities for instructors to deepen their knowledge of inclusive teaching practices. The Early Career Faculty Seminar introduces new faculty to principles of inclusive teaching, and returning faculty can apply to join one of our Inclusive Pedagogy Cohorts. The Faculty Hub also regularly offers stand-alone workshops, faculty working groups, and guest presentations on topics related to inclusive teaching. New for AY 22-23, the Faculty Hub is pleased to welcome five student workers to our staff as “Student Inclusive Pedagogy Consultants” who are working with our Inclusive Pedagogy Cohort 2.0. See below for more info about our Inclusive Pedagogy Cohorts and student consultants.


  • What is Inclusive Pedagogy?

    Inclusive pedagogy refers to teaching practices, classroom activities, curricula, and assessments that are designed and delivered to engage all students in learning that is meaningful, relevant, and accessible. An inclusive teaching approach recognizes that all students bring different identities, experiences, backgrounds, and expertise with them into the classroom space, and considers how these individual differences, which intersect along dimensions such as race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, socio-economic status, ability, religion, and political beliefs inform and impact student learning. Practices associated with inclusive pedagogy are grounded in significant research on how humans learn and drawn from the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL), however, to enact inclusive pedagogy is to participate in an on-going process of critical reflection and responsiveness to student needs and interests. In this way, inclusive pedagogy might best be defined as an orientation towards teaching that prioritizes access, equity, and belonging as precursors to student learning.  

  • Inclusive Pedagogy Cohort

    The Inclusive Pedagogy Cohort is a program sponsored by the Office of the Provost to enhance the use of inclusive teaching practices across the University of Richmond’s five schools.    

    An academic initiative since 2018, the Inclusive Pedagogy Cohort functions as a learning community, bringing together faculty and instructional staff from all five schools and many disciplines to engage in deepening individual and collective knowledge and application of inclusive pedagogies. The Spring 2023 Inclusive Pedagogy Cohort will be co-facilitated by Kylie Korsnack, Assistant Director of the Faculty Hub and Tamar Schwartz, Professor of Law.  

    Throughout the semester, the group will explore a wide range of topics that fall under the umbrella term of inclusive pedagogy, and they will participate in discussion of shared readings, workshops, and critical reflection. Upon successful completion of the program, each cohort member will receive up to a $500 stipend, adjusted for attendance. All materials will be covered by the program.  

    Read the most recent IP Cohort Call for Applications for more information and details on how to apply to join a future cohort. 


  • IP Cohort 2.0: Students as Partners

    New Program in AY 22-23: Inclusive Pedagogy Cohort 2.0 focused on the theme of engaging students as partners in inclusive pedagogy.   

    The IP Cohort 2.0 will bring together faculty, instructional staff, and students for a year-long commitment to exploring the possibility of creating a student faculty partnership program (SFPP) that aligns with the mission, needs, and unique context of the University of Richmond community. This initiative is being led by Kylie Korsnack, Assistant Director of the Faculty Hub and Libby Gruner, Professor of English. 

    During the fall semester, the group will participate in discussion of the literature supporting SFPPs, will consult with experts who have designed and implemented SFPPs on their campuses, and will talk with faculty and students at other institutions who have participated in a SFPP. During the spring semester, the group will work together to design a SFPP for our campus, and they will help recruit faculty and students to participate in the pilot program in Fall 2023. Upon successful completion of IPC 2.0, each cohort member will receive a $1000 stipend, adjusted for attendance ($500 for each semester). All materials will be covered by the program.   

     Read the most recent IP Cohort 2.0 Call for Applications for more information and details on how to apply to join a future cohort. 


  • Student Inclusive Pedagogy Consultants

    New for AY 22-23, the Faculty Hub has employed five students to work with Faculty Hub staff and the Inclusive Pedagogy Cohort 2.0 in the role of Student Inclusive Pedagogy Consultants. Students interested in future job opportunities should contact Kylie Korsnack ( for more information.  

    Meet Our Student Consultants!  

    Ainsley Forrest 

    Shira Greer 

    Penny Hu 

    Miranda Moe 

    Simone Reid