The Faculty Hub offers one-on-one coaching sessions with Kitty Maynard, who is completing the accreditation process of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

What is coaching?

Shaped by the guiding principles of the ICF, one-on-one coaching sessions focus on reflection and problem-solving. In general, ICF coaching, which exists in diverse professional settings, uses powerful questions and active listening to help people define and prioritize what matters most to them. Coaching sessions can be helpful when you’re looking for clarity around a career or work issue, seeking to identify your priorities and steps to pursue those priorities (for example, before a sabbatical or a summer break or during a major project, navigating and preparing for leadership roles, working through your writing process, or hoping to create a balanced workflow that fits in with your life).

How does a coaching session differ from a consultation?

 Coaching and consulting share similarities: they are both built around your needs and interests, are one-on-one, are focused on solutions. However, a consultation focuses on resolving a targeted, short-term problem, and consultants typically offer specific advice and guidance. In contrast, while coaches share relevant resources, their main role is to help guide you through your own thinking in an area and help you find your own path to success—whatever that looks like for you.

Want to know more?

 Sign up for a 30-minute conversation with Kitty ( to discuss your goals and how coaching can help. If you think that coaching is a good fit for you after that conversation, we’ll arrange up to three one-hour meetings to pursue the topic.

 This service is open to all faculty. (Please note, however, that if demand exceeds capacity, we may need to prioritize full-time continuing faculty members.) Faculty members may request a maximum of three one-hour coaching sessions per semester.