About Us


At the Faculty Hub, our mission is to foster connections between colleagues; to support and highlight innovative teaching and scholarship; and to encourage the growth of UR faculty throughout their professional careers. 


We envision the Faculty Hub as a transformative space that enables faculty to reach their aspirations as teacher-scholars and contributes to a thriving and inclusive campus at University of Richmond.  


We are: 

  • Connection-building – True to our name as a “hub," we are a space for building faculty community and for forging connections across campus.  
  • Welcoming and inclusive – We strive to be kind, positive, patient, and empathetic listeners who advocate for and model equity and inclusivity. 
  • Growth-minded – We support the work of the University of Richmond’s teacher-scholars by promoting growth in teaching and scholarship and fostering faculty vitality in life and work.  
  • Evidence-based – Our programming and services are informed by best practices for faculty development and are grounded in the scholarship of teaching and learning. 


Confidentiality Guidelines

The Faculty Hub offers formative, non-evaluative feedback and guidance to enhance a faculty member’s ongoing professional development at all stages of their career. Consultations are confidential with respect to the advice and feedback provided. Any documentation provided to a faculty member is for the use of the faculty member, as they wish.

We do not provide letters of recommendation based on our feedback, observations of teaching, or participation in faculty development. We also do not participate in the faculty review process or provide letters for faculty review or promotion at the University of Richmond.

We welcome opportunities to discuss how a faculty member may reflect upon or report their own faculty development activities and use the feedback in their own work. 

Except in rare cases, we do not report out the names of those participating in our programming. Certain programs of an intensive nature (for example, the Inclusive Pedagogy Cohort) may result in communication noting who completed the program’s activities. Please feel free to contact a member of the Faculty Hub staff if you would like to know more.

Please note that the Faculty Hub, like all other offices on campus, adheres to the University’s policies on mandated reporting.