About Us

The Teaching and Scholarship Hub (or “Faculty Hub”) supports the teaching and scholarship goals of faculty and instructional staff at the University of Richmond. The Faculty Hub provides individual and small group consultations, facilitates workshops and seminars on a variety of professional development topics, and creates opportunities for faculty and instructional staff to share their research and teaching ideas with one another. With three reservable meeting spaces, multiple writing/reading areas, and an audio/video production studio, the Faculty Hub’s physical location in the Boatwright Library also serves as a dedicated on-campus workspace for faculty from all five schools and as a site for interdisciplinary conversation and cross-campus collaboration.

The Faculty Hub is designed to help faculty:

  • Reflect on pedagogical practices and experiment with ways of making teaching effective for all learners
  • Connect with other faculty to share scholarship and teaching interests and approaches
  • Learn and incorporate new tools for pedagogy and scholarship, delivered in ways that consider the demands on faculty time
  • Connect with campus partners in ways that help advance teaching and scholarship goals
  • Engage in programming that advances the professional development of faculty at different career stages
  • Build community 


Advisory Council

The Faculty Development Committee is serving as advisory council to the Faculty Hub.