Statement of Confidentiality

The Teaching and Scholarship Hub (“Faculty Hub”) at the University of Richmond is dedicated to providing faculty with opportunities to discuss and reflect upon their teaching and scholarship. Consultations are confidential and for the purpose of faculty development, not evaluation. For certain programs of an intensive nature, the Hub will provide a “certificate of participation” which the participant may choose to include in tenure and promotion files or other evaluative processes. The Faculty Hub will not provide to administrators or evaluators any information about the nature of faculty consultations nor the identity of faculty seeking consultations. For example, the Faculty Hub will not provide letters of support for a faculty member’s teaching practices for the purposes of a faculty review. Neither will the Faculty Hub provide letters of recommendation for faculty participants in formative, faculty development programs. 

The Faculty Hub may elect to provide letters of support, upon request, for (a) commitments with campus partners for sponsorship of programs or events that include faculty development opportunities and (b) letters of support for faculty, staff, or students employed within the Faculty Hub, with respect to their performance of assigned or expected duties.