Effective teaching requires ways to efficiently and effectively share information. Giving students access to the information they need and enabling the free flow of ideas between students and faculty is the promise of digital transformation. That's where Cloud Content Management comes in. With Box, you have a single place to collaborate, share and learn.

The resources below will dive into ways Box can help enhance your teaching and scholarship.



Box for Teaching - These guides walk you through pedagogical scenarios where Box can be helpful and provides the steps required to implement the workflows in your teaching.

  • Simple Inbox / Outbox Approach
  • Create a collaborative platform for group work (coming soon)
  • An approach to maximize interactions/feedback (coming soon)

Box for Scholarship - These guide walk you through ways Box can help your scholarship organization, collaboration, and workflows.

  • Create a collaborative platform for colleagues (coming soon)
  • Securely share content without giving up ownership (coming soon)
  • How to maintain a reliable cloud backup of all your content/data (coming soon)